What we do

We help ingredient suppliers, brands, and cosmetic businesses, build and develop sound strategies.

Callaghan Consulting International is a leading European based consultancy that helps ingredient suppliers, brands, and cosmetic businesses, build and develop strategies for a sound body of product claims evidence, and help them manage and comply with the 6 EU regulatory product claims criteria and legislation.

Claims cannot be considered “Legal” unless they are “Truthful”. Truthfulness requires “Evidence”. Evidence needs to be “Honest”. Honesty requires “Fairness” which itself provides for “Informed Decision Making” - and ultimately a satisfied consumer.
If the developer cannot get their development processes right, it does not matter what the trendy claim might be, they may well fail in the overall compliance.
From cosmetic researchers to copy writers, we help them translate complex basic scientific research developments, and other research findings, including technology transfer opportunities, into marketing and consumer understandable applications without the loss of scientific integrity.

5 core areas of excellence:

✔ Skin Complexities
✔ Claims Development
✔ Trouble-Shooting for Claims
✔ Bespoke Workshops & Education
✔ Communications & Author


We develop and help grow ingredient suppliers, and brands providing both strategic consultancy and hands-on practical project management.


We work collaboratively with our clients, becoming part of your ‘team’.


We guide and support you, providing useful contacts, education, and knowledge to help you succeed in the fast moving world of cosmetics.


We help clients create opportunities and accomplish their goals based on 5 core areas of excellence.