Oh! Cosmetic Claims


Step into the captivating world of beauty where dreams take flight and promises shine bright in "Oh! Cosmetic Claims." In this enchanting universe of prose, cosmetic claims twinkle like stars in the night sky, guiding us through the maze of skincare with their captivating light.

From anti-aging serums to wrinkle-free creams, cosmetic claims offer solutions beyond our wildest dreams, promising to revitalise and rejuvenate with each application. But beneath their glittering facade lies a tale of broken promises and unmet expectations, leaving us yearning for beauty's elusive thrall.

Yet, despite their fickle nature, we're drawn to the siren call of cosmetic claims, forever chasing after beauty's wonderland. In this journey, we find solace and more in the allure of cosmetic promises, forever beholden to their enchanting hold.

So buckle up buttercups, and get ready for a poetical take on cosmetic claims, with more than thirty laments, odes, Baldrick, Mr. Darcy, a Corneometer and more…!
Theresa Callaghan gives regular workshops and presentations internationally, and is a major contributor for peer-reviewed and trade journals, as well as authoring behalf of many clients internationally. 
Her work has also been featured in several press articles and reviews. 
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