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It is from the collective weight of your body of evidence that you construct your claims.

The key services we offer

The key services we offer centre around compliance within the definition of a cosmetic claim:

In the labelling, making available on the market and advertising of cosmetic products, text, names, trade marks, pictures and figurative or other signs shall NOT be used to IMPLY that these products have characteristics or functions which they do not have. EC/1223/09 Article 20 and the Claims Criteria Legislation under (EU) No 655/2013

The 6 EU regulatory product claims criteria

Claims cannot be considered “Legal” unless they are “Truthful”. Truthfulness requires “Evidence”. Evidence needs to be “Honest”. Honesty requires “Fairness” which itself provides for “Informed Decision Making” - and ultimately a satisfied consumer.

Key developmental questions

We help you answer some of the key developmental questions which need addressing in order to meet compliance under the 6 Claims Criteria:
Why create this product?
What are your desired objectives?
Who is the target market?
How/where will you advertise?
Why do you want to make the claim(s)?
Are they a marketing whim, or is the need real?
Is the claim complete, or is there a wider story?
Is the claim consumer relevant?
Will they understand?
What are the expectations of the claim? Are they valid?
Are the claims subjective, objective, or both?
What body of evidence is required?
What weight of evidence is necessary?
How relevant is it?
Are the 6 interlinking criteria met?
Have we challenged our claims?
Could we? Would we? How?
What challenges can you expect?
“Key steps in any claim development process are: consumer insight, product raison d’être, claim development strategy, body of evidence, and communication. If the developer cannot get these processes right, it does not matter what the trendy claim might be, they may well fail in the overall compliance”.

Services within our scope of claims development expertise include:


Examining best practices to leverage new technologies through well developed, and defined preclinical, consumer & clinical designs for unique claim support substantiation.

Respect for the governance and regulatory compliance authorities are paramount to your success.

Troubleshooting claims for EU cosmetic compliance criteria. Supporting Responsible Persons.


Verifying good correlation of scientific data to control tenuous product claims and “misinformation.”

Ensuring the integrity of well conducted scientific research and data is accurately translated and effectively communicated to the market place in a consumer meaningful manner ensuring scientific integrity of communications for media channels, peerreviewed journals, trade journal, conferences & events.

Conversion of scientific and/or clinical studies into peer-reviewed and other publications.


Offering training & workshops in claims development substantiation. Educating consumers, influencers, etc. Speaking with the press, working with marketing and start-ups. As the creator and owner, Callaghan Consulting International has been giving the regular and popular annual workshop on Cosmetics Claims Development at In Cosmetics Global. These are also supplemented presentations on YouTube. We also support The Eco Well, a consultancy dedicated to challenging the enormous amount of misinformation surrounding cosmetic products and their claims.


Proven experience within the international business arena provides the focused discipline of a strong professional, technical and strategic business planning background.

Development of business and technology transfer strategies for enhanced product innovations and improved competition in the marketplace.

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