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CCI is a specialist cosmetic claims development consultancy which helps individuals and businesses from all sectors of the beauty industry.

“Key steps in any claim development process are: consumer insight, product raison d’être , claim development strategy, body of evidence, and communication. If the developer cannot get these processes right, it does not matter what the trendy claim might be, they may well fail in the overall compliance”.

“All challenges are opportunities in disguise”, and attempting to predict future trends in a category that has experienced tremendous innovation over the last two decades is both challenging and opportunistic.

We help clients create opportunities and accomplish their goals based on 5 core areas of excellence:

  • Skin Complexities
  • Claims Development
  • Trouble-Shooting for Claims
  • Bespoke Workshops
  • Communications & Author

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With customers worldwide, Callaghan Consulting International is a truly global player committed to providing innovative and flexible tailored strategies that realise the challenges of the dermatological industry.

Claims Development

Examining best practices to leverage new technologies through well developed, and defined preclinical, consumer & clinical designs for unique claim support substantiation. Respect for the governance and regulatory compliance authorities are paramount to your success. Troubleshooting claims for EU compliance criteria.

Understanding Skin Science

Verifying good correlation of scientific data to control tenuous product claims and “misinformation.” Ensuring the integrity of well conducted scientific research and data is accurately translated and effectively communicated to the market place in a consumer meaningful manner ensuring scientific integrity of communications for media channels, peer-reviewed journals, trade journal, conferences & events. Conversion of scientific and/or clinical studies into peer-reviewed publications.

Events, Education & Training

Offering training & workshops in claims development substantiation. Educating consumers, influencers, etc. Speaking with the press, working with marketing and start-ups.

As the creator and owner, CCI has been giving the regular workshop on Cosmetics Claims Development at In Cosmetics Global. This very popular workshop is now in its 6th consecutive year (2020).

CCI presents at, and is one of the original co-organisers of the proDERM Academy WorkshopSeminar on Effective Cosmetic Claims. It is held each year in Hamburg, Germany.

CCI also gives a regular webinar each Autumn for SpecialChem on Claims for Green Cosmetics and Sustainability

Business development

Proven experience within the international business arena provides the focused discipline of a strong professional, technical and strategic business planning background. Development of business and technology transfer strategies for enhanced product innovations and improved competition in the marketplace. For further information please contact us.


Dr. Theresa M. Callaghan has served more than 30 years in international senior director and management positions of the global skin care industry. A biochemist by training Callaghan's experience encompasses the diverse nature of the dermatological business sectors enabling a targeted yet flexible approach to customer needs. Widely experienced in technology development her research interests lie in the translation of complex basic scientific research and clinical research findings into marketing and consumer understandable language without the loss of scientific integrity.


Dr. Theresa Callaghan PhD

skin care scientist and cosmetic product claim specialist

A graduate biochemist from the University of Bath and postgraduate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it was as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Pasteur Institute in France that she joined the skin care industry. With an international career spanning more than 30 years Callaghan is a valuable expert in the cosmetics industry having worked for a number of well-respected personal care companies at the senior level - with companies such as LVMH, Unilever, Marks & Spencer, J&J, Evonik and proDERM.

In 2008 she set up her own consulting business, anticipating a need for more discipline of cosmetic claims, and furthering scientific developments involved in that process. Confident in her subject knowledge and her practical detailed approach Callaghan gained a reputation for troubleshooting – guiding customers to success in areas such as technology development, product claims design & development and clinical testing.

As a scientist and the author of the popular book ‘Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives:Cosmetic Claims & The Consumer’, she is widely published with more than 120 papers. Callaghan gives regular workshops and presentations internationally and is a major contributor for peer-reviewed and trade journals, as well as authoring behalf of clients internationally. In addition she has appeared in number of press articles.

She also sits on the scientific editorial board of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, and is an active member of a number of professional societies including the British Herbal Medical Association and Society of Cosmetic Scientists. More recently Callaghan was also appointed to the board of a newly formed cosmetics holdings company as non-executive director.

Author & Writer

As a scientist, writing is a key and rewarding aspect to many projects, especially to a clients success. Theresa has also authored over 120 papers and is a regular contributor to both peerreviewed and trade journals.

Too many to list here, they can be searched via:

A full list of publications is also available on request

Her book ‘Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives: Cosmetics Claims & The Consumer’ is available from Amazon bookshops and from SOFW.

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