Podcast Interview With The Eco Well on Cosmetic Claims

Extraordinary claims seem to be par for the course in skincare.

How did we get here? Is the cosmetics industry the wild wild west? Can people really just claim what they want? Or is it our regulators lacking teeth?

From zinc oxide powders claiming to be sunscreen, to anti-aging miracle serums… surely our products aren’t time machines. How do these claims get substantiated, why do they get parroted, and whose job is it to make sure the claims we see from brands are truthful?

To try to tackle this topic, we talked to the woman who literally wrote the book on claims - Dr. Theresa Callaghan, Author of ‘Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives: Cosmetics Claims & The Consumer’ She shares her insights, critique, and her thoughts on how the industry regulators are fighting an uphill battle.