You Tube Cosmetic Claims Series Now Live

New! Beyond the Adjectives: Cosmetic Claims YouTube  Series. 

Callaghan Consulting International ( is coming to Youtube, September 2020 .
A Journey in Cosmetic Claims

A series of video episodes walking the consumer and industry alike through the claims development process will be launched early September. This series and the book ‘Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives’ (Amazon Books), compliment one another, and  the series coincides with the first anniversary of the books publication.  

As consumers we are exposed on a daily basis to cosmetic claims, from brushing our teeth in the morning to using the latest anti-ageing creams. We can’t get away from them. Consumers are continually enticed by claims of intrigue and efficacy.  

What are these cosmetic claims? How are they actually developed and justified?  With most consumers obtaining their information about cosmetic products from the press, internet sources and social media, it is important to discern between fact and fiction.

By examining the factors influencing the claims development process, and using examples throughout,  the series aims to introduce consumers to the complexity and nuances of how the industry develops or should develop claims for its cosmetic products. They should also be more informed when choosing and purchasing cosmetic products, and be more circumspect when judging what they read in the press and on the internet and social media.

Cosmetic industry professionals, be they marketing, advertising, R&D or regulatory affairs, should gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in developing effective cosmetic claims, and obtain more clarity in legislative compliance.