Virtual Conference: The Misleading Adjectives of Beauty

“This product is going to reverse your wrinkles”, “grow your hair back with our miracle herbal solution’, “this produce will erase your cellulite.” From wildly inaccurate claims to fear mongering surrounding commonly used and well understood ingredients. The Misleading Adjectives of Beauty; how did we get here and where do we go? In conversation with Perry Romanowski, Dr Anjali Mahto, Maleka Dattu, Dr Theresa Callaghan and Caroline Hirons. Moderated by Jen Novakovich.

How did we get there and where do go now?

Join me and my colleagues at this new exciting event hosted by The EcoWell 7th July 20202 13.00EST (New York)/18.00 BST (London)/19.00CEST (Berlin)

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