In Cosmetics Workshop: Beyond the Adjectives of Claims

NEW DATE: 13 APRIL 2021, 09:30 - 13:30 Workshop Room 1

Language: English

This ever popular workshop is now in its 6th consecutive year, introducing delegates new and old to the complexity and nuances of developing cosmetic claims, in keeping with marketing trends and regulatory developments.

With new exciting scientific marketing developments, and tough global concerns surrounding sustainability, managing the demands of innovative claims development to meet the needs of today’s consumer within the confines  of legislative requirements is indeed challenging.

With this course I help the delegate to understand that the demands of the EU claims support criteria are far beyond just “evidence” — they are the foundation of any cosmetic product or brand. 

Key steps in any claim development process are: consumer insight, product raison d’être , claim development strategy, a credible robust body of evidence, and effective communication. If the developer cannot get these processes right, it does not matter what the trendy claim might be, they may well fail in the overall compliance. 

The workshop will walk the delegate through the process of developing a claim using “on trend” claims as examples.


• Learn to break-down cosmetic product labels and challenge their own claims — effective communication and nuances.

• Learn how to be more circumspect in their approach so as not to mislead or confuse consumers.

• Grasp the impact and reasoning of the July 2019 EU claims requirements

• Understand how to develop cosmetic claims and avoid pitfalls —weight of evidence and examples of challenged claims.

• Discuss where do we go next? — Current product trends and their claims — how are they possible in our sustainably aware world?
The workshop presentations are then pulled together with the delegates splitting into teams. These team exercises have proven very popular, informative, and fun. Here delegates have the opportunity to experience the realities of actually developing a claim and the criteria processes and weight of evidence that are really required. 

• Highly recommended for Start-ups and Indie brands, as well as those working at the consumer interface (beauty apps, influencers, bloggers, journalists, etc.)

• Marketing and Brand Managers and Key Decision Makers are highly encouraged to attend in order to grasp a common sense approach in achieving their claim objectives and an understanding of their ownership of the claims development process.

• R&D (product development as well as formulators) are also invited to attend in order to help you understand that the claims process is a shared one and that evidence generated for a claim does not give you a claim.

• Regulatory Managers are invited to attend, although this is not a regulatory workshop per se, and will not cover other countries regulatory requirements. However they will gain an understanding of the claims development process irrespective of national requirements.

• Cosmetic industry professionals, be they marketing, R&D or regulatory affairs, should gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in developing effective cosmetic claims, and obtain more clarity in legislative compliance.

I look forward to meeting you all!